Clone Stone use a mixture of new and old methods to produce concrete columns of the highest quality with timeless appeal.

All our columns are handcrafted and finished to the highest specifications. The result replicates natural stone.

Our extensive range of columns here at Clonestone can be custom finished in a size that best fits your application, no cutting is required on site. Clone Stone columns can be used for structural purposes, greatly enhancing home facades and entertainment areas.

Here at Clonestone our concrete columns are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The designs of our Tuscan columns comes in a 210mm Diametre, 225mm Diametre, 260mm Diametre, 300mm Diametre, 325mm Diametre, 350mm Diametre and 420mm Diametre.

Our range also includes a larger 520mm Diametre and 600mm Diametre which are manufactured in hollow drum sections.

The diameters of all our columns are taken from the base of the Column Shaft.

Our range also consists of the Corinthian Style Columns, Jacobean Columns and Parallel Columns.