PC 01 is an elegant style Pier Cap

Clonestone ID: PC 01
Category: Pier Caps
Description: Clonestone pier caps are a man made product, from our years of manufacturing pier caps we have made many moulds of different sizes and profiles from the basic to detailed. We are also more than happy to customize a design for you, our pier caps can be produced in any of our colours to give you the stone effect at a fraction of the price.

Our pier caps are made to order, with our extensive range is near impossible to stock these items.

All our pitched top Pier Caps can be made as a flat top version if this is required.

Our range also includes a split rock edge pier cap that when has aged has the look of real sandstone.

Sizes Available

250 x 250 x 175 High

385 x 385 x 190 High

450 x 450 x 190 High

495 x 495 x 200 High

545 x 545 x 175 High

640 x 640 x 220 High

800 x 800 x TBC High

850 x 850 x TBC High

385 x 250 TBC High

395 x 500 x 190 High

370 x 610 x 175 High