Winterstone ID: PR 04
Category: Pier
Description: Winterstone piers can add that classical look to your home with our large range of piers and gate posts, you no longer just have to have a standard rendered brick pier. Winterstone piers can also be produced with letter boxes. Our piers have a hollow core, this will allow for lights to be installed on your piers. Piers are available in all of our colour range or a finish for you to paint.
Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
450 Shaft height 300 Pier 415 Base
700 Shaft height 450 Pier 550 Base
600 Shaft height 350 Pier 450 Base
900 Shaft height 300 Pier 415 Base
1050 Shaft height 350 Pier 450 Base
1050 Shaft height 480 Pier 550 Base